Tips to Keep Your Feet Happy and Healthy

Taking proper care of your feet may help you avoid common foot conditions that cause pain and discomfort. Follow these simple steps in your daily routine and give your feet the attention and care they need. If you have any questions or concerns, contact Chelsey Overell BSc DCh in Stoney Creek.

Here are some helpful tips to ensure your feet stay in good condition.

Keep On Your Toes: Helpful Foot Care Tips 

  • Wash your feet daily and dry them, particularly between the toes.
  • Inspect your feet with your eyes and feel them with your hands.
  • Change socks every day. Avoid tight socks/stockings.
  • Do not use acid preparations without a doctor’s/chiropodist’s supervision.
  • Wear only comfortable shoes – lace-ups are the best.
  • Do not use razor blades to trim corns or calluses – use pumice stone and cream.
  • Avoid plantar warts and athlete's foot by wearing “flip flops” whenever in public pools and spas.
  • If your skin feels dry use a hand cream (never between toes).
  • Multiple layers of clothing are the best way to keep your feet warm.
  • If your skin is moist, use rubbing alcohol; change socks and shoes often; avoid wearing nylon, polyester, and vinyl; washing with deodorant soap also helps.
  • Note any changes in skin colour, texture or sensation, and report them to your doctor or chiropodist.
  • Never soak feet in water temperatures over 45°C or for longer than 10 minutes.
  • Exercises that use your toes help improve circulation and flexibility.
  • Calluses can be lessened by wearing cushioning insoles and running shoes with laces.
  • Corns are caused by pressure from a tight shoe or bony prominence.
  • Have your doctor check your feet at each visit – he/she may be able to spot a problem before you do.
  • Treat any blister, cut or abrasion with a mild antiseptic and bandage. If healing doesn’t begin in 2-3 days, consult your doctor or chiropodist.

Foot Muscle Exercises

At Chelsey Overell BSc DCh, we strive to equip our patients with everything they need to take good care of their feet. Keep your feet fit and well-toned, especially if you wear orthotics, with the following foot muscle exercises in Stoney Creek:

  • Pick things up with your toes. Picking up a towel or marbles will strengthen your interossei muscles.
  • Bend the toes down in a “waving” motion to add strength to your lumbricals and flexor muscles.
  • Spread your toes wide apart to strengthen your abductor muscles.
  • Move your feet and toes as if to “paint” the letters of the alphabet. This puts the long flexor and extensor muscles in your leg to use, the tendons of which help hold up the arch.
  • It is healthy to keep toes wiggling and moving whenever possible. The 4 muscle layers within your feet get lazy while supported in a shoe or an orthotic.

Plantar Fasciitis

The symptoms of plantar fasciitis are as follows:

  • Experiencing intense pain at the bottom or the inside margin of your heel
  • Increased sharpness of pain when you wake up in the morning or move after taking rest
  • Aggravation of pain if you carry weight or walk for a long time
  • Restricted activity or movements

Foot Care and Diabetes

Diabetes can affect your feet adversely and it can lead to:

  • Damaged blood vessels which reduce blood circulation and may cause slower healing or increase chances of infection
  • Damaged nerves which cause a loss of feeling due to which you may not realize when you've hurt your foot

Even if you do not experience these issues, you should take care of your feet if you're diabetic. Some of the steps you can take on a day-to-day basis are:

  • Assess your feet – nails, skin, the area between the toes – for any signs of injury or infection.
  • Use warm (not hot) water and mild soap to wash your feet gently.
  • After bathing, dry your feet (especially the area between your toes) in a gentle manner.
  • To add moisture, apply cream to your feet (not between your toes) after bathing. 
  • If your skin is moist, use rubbing alcohol or talcum powder to keep it dry.
  • Wear clean socks and shoes every day. Cotton or wool socks with smooth seams are recommended. Don't wear tight shoes and socks or shoes with seams rubbing on your toes.


  • Soaking your feet for over 10 minutes
  • Walking barefoot
  • Cutting corns or calluses with blades or scissors
  • Using cures for corns or warts, as they contain acid
  • Using heating pads or hot water bottles
  • Cutting down the sides of your toenails or cutting your toenails too short

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